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Heads Up - URL Update

EduClasses® is in the process of updating our training programs website URL system to be more efficient.

The URL address may be changing from “State.SellerServerClasses.com” to “SellerServerClasses.com/State”.

E.g.: “Louisiana.SellerServerClasses.com” will become “SellerServerClasses.com/Louisiana”.

The old URL will still work for now redirecting to the new URL. This will not affect your current course or certificate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a support ticket or call (903) 893-3717.

LALouisiana ATC Training - Seller Server Classes

Verificar certificado

Louisiana Responsible Vendor (RV) Certificate Sample

The following information shows where you will find certain information on your Louisiana RV Alcohol SSC Seller Server certificate.

  1. Student name.
  2. SSC Trainer Signature.
  3. Certificate Expiration Date.
  4. Seller Server Classes (SSC) Certificate Number.
  5. School / Provider Number

Approved by Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control.